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2:43pm 01-09-2011
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8:53am 01-09-2011
i lost sassy my whippet mix dec 26 and before i could catch my breath i lost nipper my jack russell terrier mix on jan 6 sassy suffered all night christmas night and when i got a ride to the vet we had to wait for the roads to be cleared she perked up some in the car raising her head to see out i was second guessing myself but she was so weak she could barely stand the vet listened and reassured me i was doing the right thing because the fluid building up was only going to get worse and she was nearly 14 so i held her for the final time she wasnt ready to let go i guess like i thought she was because the vet had to give her extra meds as i reassured her nipper got bad quick starting with a cough that wouldnt stop and still he ate well that night but as the night went on his breathing got worse and gurgling and then came the blood and lots of it he laid down on the floor and vomited up so much blood i wrapped the blanket up around him and called to find a ride and someone to help me
Replied on: 2:36pm 01-09-2011

Oh, God, Judy, I'm so sorry! Either loss would have been devastating, and I can barely imagine how traumatic it has to have been to lose Sassy and Nipper so close together. We're here for you and will help as much as we can. I'm in our chat room as I type this, with a few other members who are also so very sorry to hear about your losses. I'm going to post the links to the chat room and our board and our Facebook page (in case you're on Facebook) in a separate message here, right after I post this -- the only way I have to post a direct reply to you here doesn't let me turn those into clickable links. I'm going to email you as well -- I'm glad you left an email address so I can see that (no one else can see it) and reply to you that way. But I hope you'll register for our board, since our other members can't post direct replies to guestbook messages, and they'd like to respond.


Cindy / SinbadsMom

2:02am 01-01-2011
i lost myrascal,ajack russell terrior on 11/13,and my heart is so broken
Replied on: 3:29pm 01-01-2011

I'm so sorry, Beverly! Rascal must have been such a darling -- Jack Russell terriers are such sweet, lovable, playful dogs. And it hurts worse to lose a pet on or just before the holidays.

We'll be happy to help you in our chat room -- http://www.lighthouseport.com/chat.html -- or you could register and post at Lighthouse Beacon -- http://z7.invisionfree.com/Lighthouse_Beacon/ -- where the chat room topic has that link and a link to a second chat room. We can help you on our Facebook page, too -- http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lighthouse-for-pet-loss-grief-support/86557841041 -- if you have a Facebook account.

We're here for you and would like to help.

Cindy (SinbadsMom)

8:45am 11-21-2010
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